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When learning the game of tennis here at,
you will be playing and enjoying in a safe, secluded and private backyard setting. While there is much to gain from being in a community setting like a club, acquiring the fundamentals of the game in a One-on-One environment, free of distractions, will allow for a more focused lesson.  As for intermediate players, refining your strokes or bumping up your cardio may be more of your goal. Finally, you may just want to rally for an hour, which is great too! 
At the end of the day, in these uncertain times, getting outside and moving around safely may be just what you need to pull you away from that computer screen if only for an hour! 
Safety is of course priority number one, so new guidelines have been implemented to help ensure a fun and healthy experience.

▶︎ $45 per hour / One on One  / Private
▶︎ $50 per hour / Two on One / Semi - Private

▶︎ Adults Only 

▶︎ See you on the court!

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